​F1 visas are issued to international students who wish to attend English language programs or educational programs at US colleges or universities. Under this visa, students must maintain the burden of the course towards full USA-States-Maptime status. Students who wish to obtain this visa are required to apply to schools and keep the I-20 safe. They need to complete their education according to the expiration date listed on their I-20 form provided by the institution or college. 

  1. Admission Apply - B . Pharmacy

  2. Admission Apply - BBA 

  3. Admission Apply – EEE -  Electrical & Electronics Engineering 

Below are the documents required to process the application:

  • SSC -Certificate

  • Inter - Certificate

  • MOI -Medium of Instructions letter

  • (LORS)-Letter of Recommendation two

  • Passport copy - Scan front page and Last Page

  • CV in word only ( student has to mention work experience detail clear in CV)

  • SOP in word only

  • Work Experience if any in one single PDF

  •  Chartered Accountant’s (CA) Report giving details of the University location, tuition fee, living expenses and source of income of your family and details of funds available(Bank balance certificate ) for your Tuition fee, Living Expenses and other Expenses.

Processing Time 20 to 25 Days for Application processing.

Service Charges For Admission 
I-20  |     30,000 ₹