English Programs in Houston -USA

  • General English Program | Learn Conversational English in the USA

  • Academic English Program | Prepare to Study at a University in the USA

  • Executive English Program | Learn English for Business!

  • Private Classes | Personalized Language Lessons

Learn English while exploring a new country and culture with our General English Program. You will increase your conversational ability and your confidence as you learn American English for a variety of real-life situations.

General English classes focus on the language skills of speaking, listening, and reading. Writing skills are integrated into the conversation and reading classes. All language programs at Institute also include a cultural component to help you practice your English, experience the local culture and adapt to life in the USA.

Get Admission within 7 Days only.

  • Duration: 4 months

  • Tuition and fee: 4000 $

  • Expenses: 4000 $