Saudi Resident visa stamping from Hyderabad

The Resident visa is a long-term visa issued for the family members of individuals holding a valid work visa in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The eligibility to apply under this category is based on the profession of the sponsor (Work visa holder in the Kingdom).   


Saudi Resident visa Endorsement | Service charges and visa Requirements:

Applicant Documents:

  • Original passport 

  • Four (4) - white background photos.

  • Medical report - GAMCA

  • Polio certificate - 


Sponsor Documents:

  • Passport copies front page & Last.

  • Iqama Copy - Scan copy accepted.

  • Visa Copy

    90 Days Validity - Saudi Resident Visa Endorsement
    ADULT  |       5,500 ₹
    CHILD   |       8,000 ₹

Note : All applicants travelling to Saudi Arabia should note the following:

  • Saudi Visa fees are non-refundable in the event of rejection

  • Errors in information provided by the applicant may be corrected through the website, not the embassy

  • Visas at ports of entry may only be granted or refuse by Saudi emigration authority.

  • Saudi consulate will asked additional documents to processing your visa application.

Note: You May Also Apply For the Visa by: 

  • Applying in person at the embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only in extremely rare cases.

  • Or  -Through the Embassy's authorized  Travel Agenin India.