How I can get Saudi business visa

  • This business visa is issued for a business visit to a company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for technical and professional purposes.

  • It is for technical and professional purpose only for executives and professionals traveling on invitation from a company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • This visa does not grant the applicant a resident or work permit for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Multiple entry visa is valid for 180 days as long as each stay does not exceed 30 days. Wives and children are eligible to apply for an escort visa.

  • A sponsor letter from a Saudi company and a letter from the Company are required for application and must be attested the respective Chambers of Commerce. Documents Required from Applicant & sponsor

  • Applicant Documents: 1- Original passport 2- Four (4) - white background photos. Services Charges & Visa Fee 365 Days | 90,000 ₹

  • Processing time

  • Saudi business visa processing time 3 weeks at New Delhi embassy and two week time for Mumbai Saudi Royal consulate.

  • Passport collection Date & Time Customer / Travel Agent may visit our office as per the date indicated in the original invoice. It is mandatory to present original invoice- and- receipt. The original invoice-and-receipt is provided to the travel agent & customer